Movie inspirations



  1. Little things” by Mario Hugo- opening , camera movements
  1. “On the other side” by Anu-laura Tuttelberg- Cinematography,  interpretation


  1. “The old new world”– Cinematography, symbolism
  1. “Danny Boy” stop motion by Marek Skrobecki- texturing,  minimalist set design
  1. “Insect poetry“- Lighting and stage
  1. Stems ” stop motion- Interpretation, purpose
  1.  visual effects, interpretation

Perfect circle

  1. “The Bear story”
  1. Hugo, cinematography, lights, colour script
  2. Illusionist- cinematography
  3. Pinocchio, interpretation
  4. Lisa of Schindler, colour
  5. Charlie Chaplin- stage performance
  6. Sing

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